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Do you sometimes find it difficult to manage your thoughts, attitudes, behaviors or emotions? Do you continue in a destructive habit even though you know you are hurting yourself and those you love? You are not alone. Read More...

Behind many people's smile is a world of hurt.

Living FreeŽ Radio brings two minutes of daily encouragement to people who are grappling with a problem...or hurting...or wanting to help a struggling friend or loved one...

Living FreeŽ Radio brings helpful tips to those who just want to be a better spouse or parent or friend...

Do you feel as though your life is spinning out of control?

Do pressures, temptations and circumstances overwhelm you? On the outside you may be smiling, but on the inside you hurt.

Living Free Radio offers messsages of real hope with real problems.

Try Living FreeŽ Radio...today! You can listen online, download MP3s or even subscribe to our Podcast.

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From a Living Free facilitator in Minnesota:

I enjoy seeing the participants really get what God has for them. To let the Holy Spirit do the fixing not us really works. Your lessons really have made a difference in our ministry. . . . God bless you in your work for the Lord. Many thanks for your material. It has helped all who have studied it. It has brought our church closer together in Christ.

From a Capetown prison inmate:

Please continue with the [Living Free] courses as others can only gain from it. Take courage that all the topics speak directly to the problems and difficulties we are faced with. It really helps you to realize where you have gone wrong, to take a good look at yourself and not but help to change.