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Upcoming Topics

  • 2/13/2006 to 2/17/2006
  • Completely Free!
  • 2/20/2006 to 2/24/2006
  • Concerned Persons
  • 2/27/2006 to 3/3/2006
  • Helping a Friend

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Archived Broadcasts

  • Week of 12/5/2005: Helping Someone You Love
  • Week of 12/19/2005: Knowing God My Father
  • Week of 12/26/2005: Stepping Into Freedom
  • Week of 1/2/2006: Godly Parenting
  • Week of 1/9/2006: Anger–Your Master or Servant?
  • Week of 1/16/2006: Committed Couples
  • Week of 1/23/2006: The Single Christian
  • Week of 1/30/2006: Overcoming Depression
  • Week of 2/6/2006: Overcoming the Past

Five Love Languages of God
Dr. Gary Chapman
The love languages in human relationships are a reflection of divine love. If man is indeed made in the image of God, then we would expect to find all five love languages (and more!) expressed in the character and nature of God. A great book to help the reader more fully understand the magnitude and perfection of God’s love.

Restoring Families Facilitator’s Guide
This study is wonderful for individuals and families who have been affected by abusive relationships. It deals with wounded emotions as well as control and intimacy issues. This small group study presents a strong message of Christ as healer of abusive relationships.

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